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Sword Drill Instructions

Sword Drills Instructions Tips & Hints Examples

Just follow these steps:

  1. If some children do not know how to do a Sword Drill then first of all explain why the Bible is the Christian's sword.
  2. First of all have all the children close their Bibles and hold them by the binder.
  3. Shout "Sheathe swords" - at this the children should put their Bibles under their arms.
  4. Shout "Draw swords" - the children should now hold their Bibles in the air with straight arms.
  5. Tell the children a book, a chapter, and a verse of the Bible, and have them repeat it after you. For example, "John chapter 3 verse 16."
  6. Once the children have repeated the reference, shout "Charge" - the children should now try to look up the verse as quickly as possible.
  7. The first one to find the reference should shout out the first few words from the verse. In our example, this would be, "For God so..." (KJV). You could also have the children stand up when they get the verse to make it clearer who won.
  8. This child would then come out to the front and would keep their Bible open at their verse. They are now in the final.
  9. Repeat this until you have 4 or perhaps 5 children in the final.
  10. The children should then read their verses and within these verses there should be a word which is the same. The rest of the children should listen to the verses to try and guess the common word.
  11. Once the children have read their verses and someone has guessed what the word is, have a Sword Drill just for the finalists.
  12. The first one to get the verse should shout out the first couple words as before. This child has then won the sword drill and should then read out this verse.

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